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HDTV and SDTV Video/IT Servers

OpenCubeHD and OpenCubeSD are the ultimate video/IT servers for setting up seamless, powerful and flexible audiovisual production workflows.
Whether they are used as digitalization gateways, ingest stations or as simple VTR replacements in a post-production environment, OpenCube servers offer an effective and reliable solution, with proven gains in profitabilility in the new digital production setting.

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MXF Software

OpenCube MXFTk® Toolbox is a set of professional high-performance software tools for efficiently managing the emerging MXF file format.
Made up of multiplatform C++ SDK, a graphical application and Player, MXFTk® provides manufacturers and integrators with a professional toolkit that enables genuine interoperability in media exchange and effective metadata management.

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OpenCube P2Soft HD is a reliable tool to ingest, shot-log, view and edit P2 media files.

OpenCube ENGSoft is a new solution that offers a simple and direct way to import ENG files to Avid post-production.

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OpenCube team offers a wide range of consulting services: product customization, ad hoc development, MXF metadata studies, MXF training, MXF workflow validation.

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