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ENGSoft is a new solution that offers a simple and direct way to import ENG files to Avid post-production. This new software application allows journalists and production teams to centralize all ENG footage and to transfer MXF media files efficiently and rapidly to Avid craft editors.



Click here to download the ENGSoft v1.5 Brochure



Ask here for a free evaluation version of OpenCube software



ENGSoft allows a combination of various USB and Fire wire "toasters" to load your XDCAM Optical discs and/or P2Cards. As soon as the media is detected, the content can be automatically transferred into your editing system without any human actions.

Advanced features allow you to perform high resolution browsing directly from Card or Blu-ray and select excerpts of clips you want to have ingested. Every process is handled in background mode, providing an optimized tool for hassle-free ENG MXF Files management.



ENGSoft embeds the AMT (Avid® Media Toolkit) library, thus guaranteeing a seamless attachment to an Avid ISIS/Interplay Environment.

It automatically converts P2 and XDCAM clips to the Avid-compatible MXF OpAtom file and directly drops them in the selected folder.

The product also offers useful tools to catalogue transferred clip into Avid® Interplay database with metadata translation and checking in.

Key Features:

Automatic P2 & XDCAM (Opt. & SxS), Compact Flash (CF) detection
Supported devices: PDW-U1/U2/HD-1500, SBAC-US10/20, US20, AJ-PCD2/10/20/30/35
Virtual card on local or network storage
Entire P2 & XDCAM clips ingest
On device High Res. media browsing
Sub-clipping and partial ingest
Back-grounded and optimized ingest process
Avid® Interplay cataloging
Metadata selection and check-in
Editing while ingest
Avid Proxy generation
Direct Ingest to EVS IPDirector
Optimized copy on network storage with optional MXF rewrapping
Destination subject: P2Tree, P2Flat, XDCam Flat, Op1a, Op-Atom Avid®, IPDirector...
Audio Routing capabilities
Consolidation support
Start timecode redefinition
Supported formats
XDCAM HD 422 Mpeg2 50 Mbits
P2 DVCProHD 100 Mbits
P2 AVC-Intra 50 & 100 Mbits
XF-Series Mpeg2 HD 4.2.2 50 Mbits
XDCAM SD IMX 30, 40 & 50 Mbits
XDCAM SD DVCam 25 Mbits
P2 DVCPro 25 & 50 Mbits
E-VTR 50 Mbits
Proxy: H.264
Minimum system requirements
Windows XP, Vista, 2008 Server, 7  - 32 & 64 bits
Works with XDCAM PDW U1, U2 & HD1500, SBAC-US10/20, US20
Works with P2 Drives (AJ-PCD2/10/20/30/35), PCMCIA Slots or Panasonic P2Camcorders

Specifications are non-contractual and may be subject to change without prior notice