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P2Soft HD is a pioneering solution for viewing and logging P2 media in the field and for automating the ingest process for your production facility.

It was designed for moving P2 clips efficiently and rapidly and for transferring P2 media into an Avid environment.

P2Soft HD has been widely adopted by TV Channels and the production industry as a powerful tool for boosting P2 Tapeless Workflows.


Rationalize P2 ingest processes

P2Soft is a cost-effective solution for streamlining P2 Media ingest into your production facility. The capture process is automatically launched as soon as one or several P2 cards are inserted into the Drive.

The HD or SD clips can be directly browsed from the card and an intuitive and ergonomic media management interface facilitates editing, sub-clipping, and program consolidation.

P2Soft enable you to unwrap or rewrap P2 clips so that they are interoperable with all types of production equipment. The ingest process has been optimized, allowing simultaneous ingest in two different formats and in two different destination folders.

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Move P2 Media content into Avid production environments

The GUI allows you to selct the Interplay "Catalog", the destination share storage and the metadata to transfer from the P2 cards to the Avid Database.

P2 media can be selected, sub-clipped and pueues into an ingest list, making the Ingest process easy and straightforward.

P2Soft takes over the rewrapping of the MXF media, the copying of the clips in the selected directory, and the checking in Interplay via a Web Service API.


Ensure metadata security for efficient workflows

P2Soft offers a complete set of tools for metadata management for your P2 workflow. Metadata can be selected and uploaded in the P2 Camcorder directly in the field using the SD card.The metadata can then be modified for logging and preserved during the entire P2 media lifecycle.

Specifications are non-contractual and may be subject to change without prior notice

Manual or automated ingest function

Downloading of metadata on P2Camcorders with a P2Card;

Metadata updating on P2Camcorders with a P2 card.

DV IEC25 - DVCPro 25 - DVCPro 50 - DVCPro HD 100

Metadata support: locked, editable or hidden XML metadata
Browsing of MXF P2 media content
MXF sub-clip creation with Timecode In and Timecode Out
Filter search mode
Timecode copy for shot-logs with cut/paste in text editor (Windows,...)
Spanning management (continuous sequences recorded on different cards)
Ftp transfer
Cut/edit Timeline
Memo Text and Memo Voice creation on dedicated tracks and voice-over creation on audio tracks
Automated recognition of 16/9 and 4/3 display formats
Consolidation in the Timeline (MXF - AVI)

Possibility of creating an ALE format EDL before editing

Customization with 5 options:
Ingest option
Avid ingest option
Timeline option

DVCProHD option

AVC-I option

Minimum system requirements: 

Windows XP

Works with PCMCIA Slots, P2 Drivers or Panasonic P2Camcorders

P2SOFT HD V2.3 Key Features: