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XFConverter v1.3


The new XFConverter release v1.3 enables users to convert wrapper formats (such as MXF, Quicktime, GXF, AVI, etc.) without having to modify their video/audio essences.

Based on the OpenCube MXFTk® and accessed via an intuitive and ergonomic graphical interface, XFConverter v1.3 ensures real media workflow interoperability.


The XFConverter is a cost-effective alternative to traditional transcoding tools.

It enables you to rapidly re-wrap container formats and to transfer media files between leading production systems and braodcast servers without modifying their video/audio essences.


Designed to streamline the new tapeless workflows based on file exchange, XFConverter is the perfect link for connecting existing equipment and ensuring genuine interoperability in production workflows.

Used in automatic detection or manual mode, the OpenCube XFConverter will save you valuable time by speeding up your media exchange and optimizing traffic.



- Convert HD formats (DNxHD®, XDCamHD®) faster than real time

- Perform multiple wrapper format conversions

- Certify compliancy with Avid and Apple equipment

- Allow Avid Interplay check-in


new with version 1.3

- AS-02, AS-03 & AS-11 DPP support

- Jpeg2000 wrapping

- SxS support


Click here to download the XFConverter v1.3 Brochure


Ask here for a free demo version of OpenCube software


MXF sample files:

Click here to download MXF sample files



View XFConverter v1.3 possible format conversions. 


A recognition module [Watch Folder] automatically recognizes the files to convert, streamlining media exchanges.

XFConverter v1.3 is a multi-feature solution that allows users to:

- Generate wrapper formats from raw essence,

- Extract and re-crop wrapper formats,

- Ensure interoperability between earlier and later-version HD and SD production systems,

- Efficiently manage metadata.


XFConverter v1.3 can be easily upgraded and handle several plug-ins to meet new workflow requirements.


Use XFConverter v1.3 to convert MXF to GXF, MXF to QuickTime, P2 to MXF, AVI to MXF and so on...


XFConverter v1.3 Key Features

Containers formats (*):
MXF Op1a, OpAtom, Op1b, Op1b ext. ref
MXF AS-02, AS-03 & AS-11 (DPP)

Interplay v2.x check-in

Quicktime, Quicktime ext.ref

Wave, RF64, Aiff
Interoperability with:
Camcorders: XDCam, P2...
NLE: Avid MXF OpAtom, Final Cut Pro...
Video/audio essence formats:
Mpeg2, Mpeg2HD, Mpeg2 LongGop, Mpeg4

H.264 and AVC-Intra

D10, IMX 30, 40, 50 Mbits
Jpeg 2000
Wave, Aiff, A-Law, AES3, AES-8 channels, DolbyE
Wrapping, Unwrapping, Rewrapping
Easy-to-use GUI
SOAP Web Services and C++ API (*)
Automated recognition module (Watch Folder)
Plug-in management
XML project management
Intuitive selection of audio tracks

Logs Notification

Minimum system requirements: 

Windows 7, XP & Vista SP2, PC 4Ghz, 512Mo RAM

(*) Available as an option



Specifications are non-contractual and may be subject to change without prior notice