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MXF samples Files

 MXF File P2 DVCPRO 25 PAL:  P2-dvcpro25-pal
 MXF File P2 DVCPRO 50 PAL:  P2-dvcpro50-pal
 MXF File P2 DVCPRO 100 1080i50:  P2-dvcpro100-1080i50
 MXF File P2 DVCPRO 100 1080i60:  P2-dvcpro100-1080i60
 MXF File P2 AVC-Intra 100 1080i50:  P2-avc-intra100-1080i50
 MXF File P2 AVC-Intra 100 1080i59.94:  P2-avc-intra100-1080i59.94

 MXF File XDCAM Opt DV25 PAL:  xdcamdv-pal.mxf
 MXF File XDCAM Opt DV25 NTSC:  xdcamdv-ntsc.mxf
 MXF File XDCAM Opt D10 imx30 PAL:  xdcamimx-30mbps-pal.mxf
 MXF File XDCAM Opt D10 imx30 NTSC:  xdcamimx-30mbps-ntsc.mxf
 MXF File XDCAM Opt HD422 1080i50:  xdcamhd-50mbps-1080i50.mxf
 MXF File XDCAM Opt HD422 1080i59.94:  xdcamhd-50mbps-1080i5994.mxf
 MXF File XDCAM SxS HD422 1080i50:  xdcamhd-sxs-50mbps-1080i50.mxf
 MXF File XDCAM SxS HD422 1080i59.94:  xdcamhd-sxs-50mbps-1080i5994.mxf

 MXF File AS-11 UK imx50 PAL:  as-11-uk-imx-50mbps-pal.mxf
 MXF File AS-11 UK AVC-Intra 100 1080i50:  as-11-uk-avc-intra-100mbps-1080i50.mxf

OP1a / OP2b
 MXF File OP1a PAL dv25 and Metadata (DMS-1):  op1a-pal-dv25-dms1.mxf
 MXF File OP1a PAL mpeg2:  op1a-pal-mpeg2.mxf
 MXF File OP1a HD mpeg2 with audio:  op1a-mpeg2-wave_hd.mxf
 MXF File OP1a HD uncompressed with audio:  op1a-up-wave_hd.mxf
 MXF File OP1a HD jpeg2k with audio:  op1a-jpeg2k-wave_hd.mxf
 MXF File OP2b HD mpeg2 with audio:  op2b-mpeg2-wave_hd.mxf